We Are Your Communications Director For Hire

Red Purse Marketing creates strategic, results-driven solutions for companies that don’t have a full-time communications or marketing department. We also work with in-house teams to support special or complex communications projects, or as subcontractors for other firms.

Think of us as a contracted service provider for communications.

We’re your communications director for hire for every challenge – whether it’s guiding marketing strategy, attracting and retaining customers, creating content for internal or external audiences, refreshing your brand, or launching a marketing campaign.

Red Purse is your collaborative advisor and trusted partner.

We roll up our sleeves and get to know your business, inside-out. Bringing a fresh approach and a wealth of experience across multiple industries, we’ll help you identify and achieve your communications goals in a creative and cost-effective way. Then we work with company leaders and help you execute your plans.

Employee Communications

Employees are your #1 customer. Are you communicating effectively?

Customer Acquisition

To grow your customer base in today’s competitive market, you need to rise above the noise. Let us help!

Customer Retention

Acquiring new customers is half the battle – how do you build loyalty and keep ‘em coming back?


Red Purse Marketing allows you to focus on what’s most important: Caring for patients.

Mid-Size Businesses

Red Purse Marketing is a trusted partner for businesses that don’t have the demand or the budget for a full-time communications director.

Nonprofit Organizations

We've been in your shoes. Red Purse Marketing can help you maximize your impact.

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