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Mid-Size Businesses

We’re a trusted partner for businesses that don’t have the demand or the budget for a full-time communications director. Just as you would outsource payroll or IT support, Red Purse Marketing is a contracted services provider for communications.

We’ve successfully collaborated with mid-size companies across multiple verticals – including finance and accounting, healthcare technology, information technology, pharmaceuticals, and retail. Unlike a typical agency that assigns an account person to oversee your work, we are committed to highly personalized service. We bring in the right people with the right expertise and they become a seamless part of your organization.

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We can ramp up or scale down, depending on your needs. You can choose whether you need end-to-end communication services or supplemental support to boost your in-house capacity. Either way, we’ll bring a fresh set of eyes and create a customized plan that matches your budget and your goals. These are just a few of the services we provide:

  • Develop a customized brand strategy or refresh current branding
  • Establish new internal channels for communication and employee feedback
  • Assess and improve the content and quality of messages from C-level leaders
  • Improve employee engagement with relevant, transparent communications and channels for feedback
  • Increase employee retention with incentives, awards and recognition programs, and special department/team events to boost morale
  • Position the business for future expansion and growth
Need a Leader

They need support but can’t justify hiring a full-time communications director.

Need a Team

The internal marketing department is short-staffed with no dedicated communications team.

Need a Guide

Staff members are too close to an issue and can’t see or identify the problem.

Need Expertise

No one on staff has the skill set or expertise to handle a particular challenge.

Need Support

An external resource is needed to bridge an internal team through a major expansion, an acquisition or merger, or growth in new locations/markets.

“Experience and talent combined with genuine, nice people. Red Purse Marketing is just great to work with.”

-COO, Mid-size services organization

Internal Communication - Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Services

Problem:  A national technology employer aimed to become a top workplace.

Solution: An internal communications plan was developed and ongoing communications were hardwired into the company culture.

Result: Top workplace designation achieved within one year, and employee satisfaction with communications increased by 15%.

Financial Services - Marketing
Financial Services

Problem:  A busy financial services firm needed to formalize an external customer acquisition and retention plan, while maintaining transparency with employees.

Solution: Staff and client focus groups served as the foundation to build employee and client relations programs.

Result: The firm continues steady growth in clients and employees year over year.

Ad Agency - Marketing Support
Ad Agency

Problem:  An advertising and media agency needed specialized support for a regional client.

Solution: Red Purse Marketing supplied contracted services for strategic external marketing planning and project management.

Result: The agency’s client kick-started new marketing methods that grew customer loyalty programs, saved millions, and grew their reputation as a community-focused retailer.

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