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New Rules of Event Branding

Branding versus events. You can accomplish both. Yet thinking about events and how you market them from the consumer point of view may put a new twist on your approach.

Must special event materials look like your other marketing materials?

Not necessarily. When your goal is to draw people to the event and generate leads, it is perfectly acceptable–and preferable–to focus on what the consumer would find enticing. Let the event take center stage. Events must be memorable to make an impact and create a lasting impression, starting with your marketing materials. This is one area where you have carte blanche to have a little bit of fun with your publicity and collateral, especially if you’re inviting the same pool of people again and again. Your event materials can become stale if you’re using a cookie-cutter approach. Keep in mind—if your event goal is simply to build awareness of your organization, none of these recommendations apply. However, when your business objective is to grow or maintain customers, avoid getting so wrapped up in your brand look that you miss golden opportunities to entice a new group of people. This philosophy may make some branding traditionalists cringe. While branding purists are good about setting hard and fast rules, most rules are made to be broken—if you know when, why, and how to do it properly. Now’s the time to embrace a new way of thinking! Using marketing materials developed specifically with your target audience in mind says that you’re consumer-focused.

So what is the one non-negotiable when it comes to event branding? Always include your logo and contact information in marketing materials, and use professionals who know how to execute this type of strategy.

Do special events need to be an extension of your brand?

Absolutely. Events should be considered an extension of your brand. But in this scenario, the term “brand” refers to much more than your graphic standards. We’re talking about the very essence of who you are as an organization…and the way your prospects interact with you. As an important part of your marketing mix, events offer a unique opportunity for your prospects to connect with you in a more personal way – to build relationships, goodwill and trust.

How are guests welcomed to your event? Are employees helpful, friendly, and happy? Was parking easy, with consideration given to walking distance? Is the event well-run and consumer-focused? Did people feel comfortable and at home? Events offer the perfect opportunity to show offers an exceptional experience.


Are there reasons to deviate from your brand look and feel? Certainly. As a general rule of thumb, let your event creative be—well, creative! Allow your events to work harder for you. Have fun, think outside the box and engage the target audience with enjoyable, interactive, or educational events. But NEVER deviate from the personal, one-to-one brand experience and focus on the exceptional customer service that your organization offers.

Need help striking the right balance between drawing a crowd to your events and branding your community? Feeling stuck? Are you looking for a partner to help create unique and engaging marketing solutions? Red Purse Marketing is here to help. Contact us.

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