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What’s Your Event ROI “Sweet Spot”?

Events offer an unparalleled way to engage prospects and build positive personal interactions with future residents and their families. However, measuring the impact and worth of events can be tedious.

While certain event metrics, such as registration and attendance, are relatively easy to track, it can be challenging, time-consuming, or expensive to measure the brand awareness benefits and future sales that events can provide.

Whether you are calculating your return on investment (ROI) manually or using sophisticated software, it’s important to take a comprehensive view of all that goes into producing the event, and all the benefits that your organization reaps over time as a result of the event.

Event ROI Dashboard

Use our free Event ROI Dashboard template to assess annual results, compare event outcomes, and make future plans based on key learnings. 

Planning “Trackable” Events

Follow the below quick tips to help you measure success: 

  • Use a unique phone number and email address for event inquiries to track the response rate.
  • Ask attendees to register or RSVP in advance of the event. Be sure to collect or confirm their contact information.
  • At the event, check-in attendees and capture contact information for walk-ins. This allows you to determine “no shows” as well as tailor follow-up communications appropriately.
  • Note in your data records the individuals who attended the event and the date. 


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