Here in 2023, there is a “new” HR buzz term being bandied about – “quiet hiring.” This has us chuckling to ourselves at Red Purse Marketing. You see, we have been a “quiet hire” since our founding in 2016.

We live in a time of increasing wage and benefits costs, inflation, and economic uncertainty. In times like these, how do companies manage expenses while still delivering on their brand promise?

According to Kayla Lebovits, CEO of Bundle Benefits, a company that helps organizations empower employees, quiet hiring occurs when companies hire short-term talent, like contractors, to fill pressing needs. Companies can also shift the responsibilities of full-time employees around to support those immediate needs. Lebovits writes that hiring contractors with a specific skill set or shifting current employees around to fill pressing needs, are two ways that employers can avoid the time-consuming and expensive process of traditional hiring.

Dru Kirk, vice president of talent acquisition at Marqeta, is another expert who says that contractors can be part of an efficient workforce deployment strategy when they’re brought in to meet short-term needs. Contractors are also an option when potential hires don’t possess the skills or talent that the company needs at a particular point in time. Quiet hiring allows companies to maintain momentum and quickly test new ways of accomplishing their goals without making significant investments in permanent staff.

Red Purse Marketing can be your company’s quiet hire. We support our clients according to their immediate needs in a highly tailored fashion. Whether your needs are internal communications, strategy development, leadership training, value setting, or marketing campaigns, we can help you identify and achieve your goals in a creative and cost-effective way. Companies who engage with us appreciate how we get to know them, understand their needs, and efficiently deliver services and results that are targeted and creative.

So, whether you are looking for a communications partner that is a quiet hire, or you simply understand the value of outside expertise for your marketing and communications needs, Red Purse Marketing can serve as your collaborative advisor and trusted partner.

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